Day Z Goes Free This Weekend on Steam

day z free

Day Z the zombie shooter from Bohemia Interactive is about to unleash the hordes on us PC players for free this weekend on Steam.

Players with an itchy trigger finger can grab Day Z for free on Steam this weekend as the post apocalyptic survival shooter goes free on Steam. From Thursday, May 21st (10 AM PST) until Monday, May 25th (10 AM PST) players will be able to jump into the post soviet state of Chernarus and attempt to survive the local population who are showing an unusual demand for human flesh. Unlike many free weekends, this one doesn’t look like it will be free to keep, so anybody grabbing a bit more time outdoors in the virus ridden landscape will be glad to know that the free to play weekend coincides with a 40% discount of the full purchase of the game and a 20% discount of the Livonia DLC update.

Shoot and Loot

Day Z is probably one of the more recognisable names on the survival shooter roster, initially launching in 2018 after a significant stint in early access. The title has more than held its own in the intervening years, making it onto Xbox One and Playstation 4, where gamers can find similar time limited discounts this weekend. Playstation 4 owners can find the same discount on Day Z during the extended play sale event, that is on right now. Xbox Gold members can buy DayZ’ base game at ‘Deals with Gold’ for a 40% discount. The Xbox sale ends on May 25th.

If you haven’t ever dropped into Day Z then you might want to prepare for a hostile welcome. After the country of Chernarus is struck by an inexplicable virus, the survivors are forced to fight, scavenge, and battle for survival among the wreckage. With no saves and no extra lives, it’s up to you to work out how to stay alive.

If you want to play Day Z for free head over to the official Day Z website now to find out more and shuffle over to the correct PC or console storefront.

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