Days of War is F2P Through April 5th

Days of War

From today through April 5th, the World War 2 FPS Days of War is free to play on PC via Steam. DoW launched in January of this year. During the event, players will have access to a number of the game’s features including multiplayer combat, offline mode, and they will have the ability to build maps using the Map Editor.

In addition to the free weekend, developers provided a look at future content coming to the game including the addition of the Omaha/Foy Detonation map and the Ember/Fjord Groundwar map that developers are hoping to have ready for the weekend event.

Check out the Days of War Steam page to learn how to get started.

About Days of War

  • Nonstop World War II Action: Fast-paced combat that throws players into the fray over and over again. Competitive viability for many types of play styles from bolt action rifles to high capacity machine guns.
  • Maps From Around the World: Discover 12 maps to conquer, including theatres in Europe, Africa, and the Eastern front.
  • Map Editor & Steam Workshop Support: Days of War features a Map Editor and Steam Workshop support that allows you to create custom maps to share with friends.
  • Elite Classes & Weapons: Select from six classes with customizable loadouts to find your favorite guns from an arsenal of 60 different weapons.
  • Matchmaking and Multiplayer Bots: Hop into the action with our robust matchmaking system or practice locally to test your skills against multiplayer bots.
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