DC Universe Online invites you to get Metal

Daybreak Games has announced a new content expansion to DC Universe Online. Called “Metal Part I”, the new content is based on DC’s Dark Nights: Metal comic series. Players on all platforms (PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One) can access Metal Part I starting today.

“In Episode 35: Metal Part I, Batman has breached the barrier between our world and the Dark Multiverse, and disappeared. In through the breach, storm the Dark Knights, twisted versions of Batman hell-bent on revenge. What is this Dark Multiverse? Who are these Batman figures? How can they be stopped?”

Players will find a number of new things to participate in including a new “large scale episode” and a “level-agnostic event”. This will be available only for a limited time to all players of level 15+. Players will see a number of new and returning Super Heroes and Super-Villains like The Red Death, The Merciless, and The Batman Who Laughs.

Interestingly, players can consume content either as a single-player or in multiplayer. The adventure takes place in “iconic, but twisted locales”.

Lastly, and of course, what event is worth its salt without some great new loot. This includes “gear suits inspired by Donna Troy and The Merciless” as well as base items “and more”.

Learn more on the DC Universe Online official site.

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