DC Universe Online Switch Review

Something, strange, but wonderful has happened. You have woken up. Not just your mind, but your body as well. Things within you feel different. You can’t explain what has happened until you could suddenly hear that guys thought! Suddenly you are hovering five feet off the ground as well. You have superpowers! Superman has come to ask for your help as well, this is insane, and it is also our review for DC Universe Online for the Nintendo Switch.

From a multitude of Developers including, Daybreak Game Company, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, comes DC Universe Online, now on the Nintendo Switch. Originally launched in the early months of 2011, the DC game has become something for everyone to enjoy. The initial launch was made onto PC and was followed by PlayStation and Xbox as well. Now it is on Nintendo Switch, and that is what we have been playing it on for the last couple of weeks. Suit up like your favorite superheroes or create your super look.


The character creation system is fairly simple to learn. So that’s exactly where we will begin. You get to choose a male or female character to begin. After that, you get to choose body types and height, hair and all of the normal pieces that come with it. The fun part is picking your uniform and whether you are a good guy or a bad guy. You can choose to base your character off of preset heroes and villains or you can choose your pieces to go forward with. The armor that you get in the game also changes how you look, unless you lock the visuals for your character model.

There is a huge push for story-driven adventures when it comes to games that people love. Without a story, all you have is a huge grind fest. With DCUO, you have hero and villain storylines to follow as you level up, with help from your coach. Whether you are a hero or villain there are four different movement modes, super speed, acrobatics, flight, or a flight variant called skimming. Depending on which one you pick will ultimately determine your coach for the game.  Will you have Wonder Woman, Batman, or the Joker? Good or bad, there are some good choices, and the ensuing stories are very fun. You don’t have to be a huge comic book fan to play and enjoy this game either. I love playing as a hero who can fly.

The combat system is based on the action-MMO style and has you pushing your mouse buttons or your controller buttons to use those attacks. I normally don’t like the action style for games, I prefer old school turn-based games more, but it works with this game. As you level up you will gain skills to equip into your loadout with each new level. Each level also gives you progression points that can be used to upgrade your attacks and powers as well. Unlocking new and more powerful moves is always fun. Once you hit the level cap of 30 the true grind begins. While you are doing raids, playing PVP matches, or just about any event in the game, you can get better gear to continue leveling up your character. The Gear Rating is an end game rating that allows you to continue to move past the level cap up to gear rating of 70.


I have played this game on several platforms now. Between the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, the PC, and the Switch, I find that it is pretty simple to play on the Switch. It is better playing hooked up to the television when you are playing on the Switch, and it runs fairly smoothly, however, I still find it plays better on the PC. Having even a medium end gaming computer seems better for all that it can do for you. You can play at higher FPS and better graphics overall. The best part is being able to have conversations in the chatbox without worrying if there is going to be an issue trying to move over to it.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Nintendo Switch with a code provided by PR.

Overall, I have loved the premise of the game since I first played it at launch. I have leveled up characters on all the platforms and it still doesn’t feel any different to me. There are no differences to story or missions between the consoles or PC so it is a pretty big non-factor to the game. It is a free to play game and you can jump right into the game right now. Just set up a profile and get playing. We will see you on the streets crime-fighters.
  • Play with many different superpowers
  • Free-to-play
  • Expansions that add a lot from the comics
  • No major differences to the other platforms
  • Some controls are difficult on console, especially using the chat box
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