Dead By Daylight is Free This Weekend

dead by daylight is free

Dead By Daylight is free to play on steam this weekend and the spooky 4 versus 1 horror title even has a discount if you want to keep it.

For this weekend players who love a bit of a scare outside of Halloween will be able to dive into Behaviour Digital’s multiplayer experience that takes asymmetrical competitive gameplay ad plunges it into a river of bloody terror. Now you can get in on the action for free. Staring right now and continuing on until the 26 January, you can find out if this is a title you want to get more of, and there is plenty of extra to experience.

The base game and DLC all come with significant discounts during this promotional period. The base game has 60% slashed off it’s RRP while DLC comes in as low as just a few dollars. Since its launch, Dead By Daylight has added a bunch of game updates and features DLC covering some of the horror entertainment’s iconic characters. If you do pick up the DLC then the Evil Dead or a Demogorgon could be coming for you.

Initially released back in 2016 for PC, this title pits four players against one powerful hunter character. Across instanced matches, the hunted players must try to evade or escape the killer by turning on a series of generators before they are all cut down. As if the power gap wasn’t already severe, survivors get a first-person perspective and hunter players get a third-person view of the action, just to enhance the claustrophobia of the whole scenario. Despite some middling reviews, the game has had several updates and made it over to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch with some success. If you are interested in getting your scare on this weekend, head over to Steam and try out Dead By Daylight for free on PC.

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