Dead By Daylight x D&D Crossover Takes on Vecna

Dungeons & Dragons and Castlevania Coming to Dead by Daylight

Grab the dice! the new Dead by Daylight x D&D crossover is alive and out for blood in the Forgotten Ruins.

Dead by Daylight might be nearly a decade old, but the horror-tinged multiplayer experience still has some new scares up its sleeve. The latest fight for survival is live now and brings players into the realm of Venca – the Lich. Taking place in the Forgotten Ruins, this new tale puts Players in the role of Aestri Yazar, a Bard, who has found herself cast into this forsaken land. Utilizing magic in a way that we haven’t seen before, Vecna can:

Players cast in the role of the unspeakable Lord of the Rotten Tower will possess four powerful spells to vanquish their prey.

  • Channeling his necromancy, Flight of the Damned conjures 5 flying spectral entities in a cone-shaped form, passing through obstacles and damaging any Survivor it hits.
  • Fly elevates Vecna from the ground, making him move quickly in a forced-forward motion. While flying, he can pass through one Pallet or Vault, letting him quickly cover great distances.
  • A well-known Dungeons & Dragons Spell, Mage Hand creates a ghastly, phantasmic hand that can tag nearby Pallets. If the Pallet is lowered, the hand will raise it. If it’s already raised, it blocks the use of it for a few seconds, putting you that much closer to a fleeing Survivor.
  • Dispelling Sphere conjures a moving AOE sphere that is undetectable to Survivors. Should they come in contact with it, their location is revealed, and their precious Magical Items become disabled.

Aestri Yazar

Rather than roll for initiative, players keeping their wits about them will be able to utilize a range of magical abilities, and their ingenuity, to outsmart the curse of the evil one.

  • Mirrored Illusion spawns a static copy of the Survivor in front of a Totem, Chest, Generator, or Exit Gate for a limited time before deactivating.
  • Bardic Inspiration empowers allies through a stirring performance. While standing still, begin a performance that gives nearby party members a temporary buff to Skill Checks once completed. How much of a boost they receive, however, is determined by the roll of a d20.
  • When not in motion for a set amount of time, Still Sight automatically activates, revealing the aura of the Killer as well as all nearby Generators and Chests.

Alongside the new powers, players will find the outcome of this new encounter comes to the luck of the roll. When playing against Vecna, 7 Chests are scattered across the Map. Seeking out their loot gives access to untold powers. A d20 roll reveals the loot that awaits, providing a magical item for scoring a 5 to 19. Making a natural 20 returns a powerful magic reward, that can be used as a perk

  • The Eye of Vecna allows the user to vanish for a brief period after exiting a Locker and grants them Haste.
  • The Hand of Vecna allows the user to teleport from one Locker to another.

with new game rules, a powerful villain, and an incredible crossover the new Dead by Daylight x D&D crossover is certainly the most unexpected way to play that we’ve seen in some time. If you missed the Alan Wake, Stranger Things, or even the Iron Maiden collab then you can leap into the horror over on the official website now.

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