Dead Cells DLC Loads Onto Switch 23 May

Rise Of The Giant

Dead Cells, the roguelike quite like no other is about to get an update on Nintendo Switch. Rise of the Giant, the latest Dead Cells DLC, is coming to Nintendo Switch next week.

Dead Cells’ developers, MotionTwin, announced the move from PC to Switch will take place on 23 May. This is barely a couple of months after Rise of the Giant debuted on PC and the update that is about to invade Switch Owners is utterly huge. Rise of the Giant is a massive update that expands a number of features present in the self-styled roguevania. The update expands on the game’s already engaging content with an extra two bosses, two extra areas, three new skills, and ten extra weapons. By comparison, the base game houses 4 bosses right now and a grand total of zero flying pets.

In addition to the extra utility you will receive, the Rise of The Giant DLC includes a new range of outfits. The game’s undead protagonist can take on as many as 50 outfits, because who doesn’t want to look fancy when dying again and again. Anybody interested in making use of this skinning system will need to loot blueprints, providing even more reason to dive back into a new dungeon. You’ll find at least a few of these on show here.

For those of you that haven’t heard of Dead Cells, or managed to avoid the positive reviews, Dead Cells is one of the games of 2018. It mixes procedurally generated dungeons, dungeon crawling mechanics, a nonlinear progression, a delirious pace, and a gorgeous 2D pixel aesthetic. If you want to grab the new Dead Cells DLC and fight the Giant then Rise of the Giant is already available on PC, and will be free of charge for Nintendo Switch. You can find out more about this Dead Cells DLC on the official website and grab the base game on the Nintendo eShop now.

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