Dead Cells DLC Plants The Bad Seed On PC and Console

Dead Cells, the iconic pixel patterned platformer from indie devs Rogue Twin, is getting a new Bad Seed DLC update on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Sprouting on all four platforms right now, the Bad Seed update is a huge piece of DLC for the roguelike title, bringing a new path to this indie adventure. This isn’t the first big update, with extras like Rise of the Giant already scoring hit reviews. This is the seventeenth update to Dead Cells and is extra special as it marks the first piece of premium DLC for the title. Rather than add a whole new storyline or add power creep into the existing title, the new extras add a different path for players to take through the dungeons that unravel before adventurers. Adding optional new biomes, a range of cool new weapons, this edition deposits players in front of some savage new boss encounters.

Don’t worry though, the rewards are totally worth the painful rush across the game’s new locations. The Arboretum, a lush paradise to deceivingly adorable creatures and the Swamp, an overgrown grave to many deadly blow gunners and spear wielders is the only thing between you and some unique armor, the game’s first double slot weapon, and an adorable little mushroom companion. Of course, winning is its own reward too.

The Dead Cells – Prisoner’s Edition

If all this new loot isn’t enough then fans of the Dead Cells can grab a new physical edition of the game for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The gorgeous looking embossed tin contains a copy of Dead Cells – Action Game of the Year, bonus artwork, a cool keyring, the Bad Seed DLC, three collector pin badges, four metallic stickers, an exclusive art print card, a numbered collector’s certificate, a 7”, two-track, orange vinyl record, and a detailed, 22cm-tall figurine of the Prisoner brandishing one of the game’s stranger weapons, the Vorpan. It all seems like fairly reasonable value at $109.99. You’ll even have time to save that gold, it doesn’t arrive in stores and online until 23 June.

You can check out all the details about the new Bad Seed DLC and the new loot over at the official Dead Cells website or check out the trailer above.


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