Dead Cells Updated with Free New Content

Dead Cells

Motion Twin devs have sent word that Update 21, the “Malaise Update”, has been deployed for Dead Cells for PC with the console version of the patch slated for January 2021. The free patch brings a host of new content into the game as well as several significant feature improvements and bug fixes.

Players will find a great new way to take down enemies thanks to the arrival of The Katana. These sturdy weapons allow players to chain a standard slash with a dashing charge to get the full Ninja experience.

Other contents include:

  • A new mob called the Demolisher has been added. It was inspired by a Discord community suggestion. This formidable foe uses an Explosive Crossbow to take out its enemies at a distance.
  • New outfits have been added including a pair of holiday-themed threads.
  • The Hand of the King lore room has been added to the castle.
  • Smelly Camembert has been added that has some nice healing properties for wounded players.
  • Reworks for weapon color, backpacks, mutations, malaise
  • BC3+ biomes have fewer enemies
  • Slow-motion gameplay can now be disabled.
  • 2-slots weapons can now have different affixes on each part.

Check out the full update notes on the Dead Cells official site.

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