Dead By Daylight Killing It on XBox One & PS 4

Dead By Daylight

Console players can start slaying their friends now that Dead By Daylight has launched. The NA / SA XBox One and PlayStation 4 versions join the successful PC version. European players will be able to take part in the fun later this week.

Dead By Daylight

The game’s special physical edition is out at certain retailers in North American and South America. In addition, a digital version can be purchased in each console’s store.

The special edition features all of the main Killers and Survivors as well as two additional Killers and two more Survivors. Buyers will also receive a pair of outfits and two additional maps.

The game casts one Killer and up to four Survivors that try to survive a nightmare. Survivors play in third-person with a strong situational awareness to avoid being caught, tortured and slayed. The Killer plays in first-person, focused on hunting down and killing their victims.

You can learn more on the official site.

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