Team NINJA Announces Dead Or Alive 6 World Championship

It’s been just under a month since the release of Dead Or Alive 6, but Team NINJA and KOEI TECMO have already announced the Dead Or Alive 6 World Championship with a total prize pool of $90,000. Only 16 players will earn a spot at the Grand Finals in Tokyo, Japan, so start honing your skills now. Throughout 2019, there will be three “Offline Fatal Matches,” eight  “Offline DOA6WC Point Matches,” and four “Online DOA6WC Point Matches” held around the world.

At the end of the circuit the highest ranked players from each of the three regions will fill the first 11 spots in the final – 5 from the US and 3 each from Europe and Asia. Players are allowed to enter tournaments anywhere in the world, with any ranking points applied to the leaderboard in their home region. Grab your passport and start earning points at the following events:

  • The Mixup – Lyon, France – Offline DOA6WC Point Match, 4/20/19 – 4/21/19
  • KVO x TSB – Osaka, Japan – Offline DOA6WC Point Match, 5/2/19
  • CEO Fighting Games Championship – Daytona Beach, Florida – Offline Fatal Match, 6/28/19 – 6/30/19
  • VSFighting 2019 – Birmingham, UK – Offline DOA6WC Point Match, 7/20/19 – 7/21/19
  • Summer Jam 13 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  – Offline Fatal Match, 8/30/19 – 9/1/19
  • Kumite In Texas – Arlington, Texas – Offline DOA6WC Point Match, 9/13/19 – 9/15/19
  • Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019 – Paris, France – Offline DOA6WC Point Match, 9/27/19 – 9/29/19
  • The Fall Classic 2019 – North Carolina – Offline DOA6WC Point Match, Date TBD
  • East Coast Throwdown 2019 – New Jersey – Offline DOA6WC Point Match, 10/18/19 – 10/20/19
  • Asia Qualifier – Taipei, Taiwan – Offline DOA6WC Point Match, Summer 2019
  • The Fatal Match In Japan – Tokyo, Japan – Offline Fatal Match, Fall 2019
  • Asia, US, and European Online Qualifiers – Online DOA6WC Point Match, Date TBD

If you don’t have the time or money to travel the globe you still have a chance to get a spot at the finals. The winner at each of the Offline Fatal Matches will automatically earn a spot in the finals. There is also a last chance match being held in Tokyo just before the Championship Finals, with both the winner and runner-up filling up the last two spots!

To learn more about the DOA 6 World Championship, visit the tournament site. Not familiar with DOA 6? Find out all you need to know at the official website.

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