Deadliest Catch: The Game Sets Sail for Consoles

Deadliest Catch: The Game Sets Sail for Consoles

Ultimate Games has announced that Deadliest Catch: The Game has set sail for Xbox and Nintendo Switch. The Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch versions of the game have joined the already-released PC version. The latter is currently available for PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store. The PlayStation versions of the game are coming later in 2023.

The game is based on the long-running Discovery Channel series and is a realistic portrayal of the dangers of king crab fishing in the Bering Sea. Players will need to manage their vessel, including its equipment and the course for the perfect fishing grounds. Players will face realistic water physics, changing dynamic weather conditions, and need to improve their ships to maximize their profit.


  • Advanced methods of king crab fishing. The task is not simple – it is a battle against time, fishing quotas, crab migrations, and most importantly: the sea. Such is your fate on the Alaskan waters!
  • Realistic gameplay. Remember that you must follow Alaskan law. Not all crabs can be caught and sold! A realistic 3D model will help you judge whether you have caught a handsome and expensive male, a protected female, or a baby. Analyze the water and seabed to better predict where crabs may be found.
  • Extended options for managing your ship and crew. 
  • Dynamic weather conditions system.
  • Advanced water physics.
  • Options of expanding and improving your ship. All devices are handled by you in the first-person mode to have the best view of everything happening on your boat. You will also get original crab pots – thanks to them you will be able to pick out all the crabs from the vastness of Bering Sea.

“In Deadliest Catch: The Game, players face many different challenges. They have to deal with not only the sea but also the fishing quota and crab migration later on. As a result, they can find out for themselves why crab fishing is considered one of the most difficult and most dangerous professions in the world.” explains Rafał Jelonek, the COO of Ultimate Games S.A.

Check out the Deadliest Catch: The Game official site for more information.

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