Death or Dishonor Country Pack Headed Into Hearts of Iron IV

Death or Dishonor

Paradox has announced that Hearts of Iron IV will be providing new content for players. Later this year, the company will launch a “country pack” called Death or Dishonor. With its unique focus, this is a pack that should bring a lot of new choices to players.

Death or Dishonor

The DLC will shine the spotlight on the countries caught between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union during WWII. Players will choose where their alliances will be made in a bid for these tiny nations’ survival. Players will need to be ready to compromise, use guile as well as hope for luck in order to bring countries out unscathed.

Death or Dishonor will cost $9.99 and be released for Windows and Mac PCs as well as Linux systems.

In addition to the paid portion, a free DLC will be provided for all game owners that will include:

  • overhauled air game play
  • equipment conversion
  • new music and art
  • new diplomatic and puppet interactions
  • improved map design & display

You can learn more by visiting the Hearts of Iron IV site.

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