Death Road to Canada – Switch Review

You’d think I’d be sick of zombie games… but then along comes the joyfully macabre and silly pixel-art Death Road to Canada, previously released on mobile. The Switch version came out a while back, and I finally got enough time with the title to put down some thoughts to keyboard. At only $15, is DRtC worth the download? If you like fun roguelite action RPGs with a great dark sense of humor, then yes.

The game begins with a simple tutorial showcasing how you scavenge for items and weapons, fend of the undead, and partner up with AI-controlled allies as you strive to drive to the chilly north of Canada. The game’s sense of humor is dark and hilarious, never taking itself too seriously given the deadly subject matter. This ties perfectly with the 8-bit pixel art style, top-down view, and general sense of controlled mayhem you play around with.

Once you start the game proper, with either random characters or customized ones a la The Escapists, you’re off in your car, stopping for food, random world events, and trying to find fuel and other survivors as you keep going. DRtC is fun a solo game, but it’s even better with a friend or partner on the couch next to you. There’s something just hilarious about hacking and slashing your way through these pixel undead, looking for cheeseburgers and spare fuel while slamming zombies with a frying pan.

On the road, the action is text-based, making decisions about where and when to stop, and who to send out on random events that happen as you go. Supplies are used as you drive, meaning each stop is crucial to keep the car and the characters going.  Party members need to keep their spirits up with the role-playing aspects balancing each party member’s emotions and the events that happen. Each random character you find has their own personalities and skills they can bring to the trip, so it’s worth giving everyone a fair shake.

John Lennon penned “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”. In Death Road to Canada’s case, death is what happens. You’ll be so busy plotting out who does what, what supplies you need, who goes where, and when to stop, that a sudden random encounter can throw off all your best-laid plans. In this way, DRtC is frustrating at times like all roguelikes, but the fact that the game never feels the same twice is enough to keep you going.

Death Road to Canada is another in a long line of solid indie titles on the Switch. Great fun on the go, loads of replay value, and lots of fun as a 2-player co-op game give this one the legs that'll make the cheap $15 worth the spend.
  • Lots of replay
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Fun action combat
  • RNG will kill you more than anything else
  • Some events repeat too often
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