Death Stranding Comes To PC on 2 June

It’s finally arrived. Death Stranding, the very latest from Kojima Productions, comes to PC on 2 June across Steam and Epic.

Already open for pre-orders, the latest title from the mind of Hideo Kojima is a unique work that PC players have been made to wait for since the PlayStation version of the game released during November 2019. This genre-defying experience brings players into a bizarrely dystopian future where humanity is scattered across the globe after a series of mysterious explosions resulted in a population drop of catastrophic levels, but there’s not much to fight back against. Instead, the remaining humans struggle to survive rather than push back against the impending end of civilization with augmented soldiers or an act of supreme genius, Death Stranding takes a different view of the world as a single person braves the terrors that roam the open road and manage to somehow explore the ties that bind humanity in its own way.

Extra Content

Publisher 505 Games will take over global duties when this releases on PC and has even managed to bundle in a host of PC exclusive content. If you checked out the latest trailer, you’ll notice some familiar Half-Life content makes an appearance. The pre-order version of the base game, retailing at £54.99, also comes with unique content including HD wallpapers and gold and additional cosmetic items. In addition to the base game, 505 Games’ offering also includes a selection from “The Art of DEATH STRANDING” digital book (by Titan Books), the DEATH STRANDING Original Score Expanded Edition digital soundtrack. This is all augmented with additional cosmetic items such as a Chiral Gold and Omnireflector colored Bridges Cap and Ludens Mask sunglasses, a Gold and Silver Armor Plate and Gold and Silver Power, Speed and All-Terrain Skeletons.

Anybody who wants to get their hands on something a bit more tactile can grab the Day 1 physical edition, which bundles all this content into a Steelbook Slipcase for £64.99 or local equivalent.

Whether its the inclusion of Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and Léa Seydoux or simply the singular approach of Kojima, Death Stranding is a game that generates a reaction and if you’ve been waiting to experience this with the graphical power of the PC behind it then you can grab it now over on the Steam Store page or the Epic Games Store before Death Stranding Comes to PC on 2 June.


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