Deathloop Update Adds Accessibility Features and Photomode

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Arkan Lyon and Bethesda have announced that a large new update has been deployed for its award-winning title Deathloop. The patch brings a number of accessibility features to players as well as the much-requested photomode.

Photomode brings players all-new ways to take awesome screenshots to capture those perfect moments of gameplay. There are an array of camera customizations that players can mess with to find the right angle and much more.

Note: All base game outfits, weapon skins and weapon variations will be automatically unlocked for Photo Mode even if you haven’t unlocked them in the game. However, Deluxe Edition outfits and weapons will only be available if you have Deluxe Edition. The Arkane Outsiders exclusives are also unavailable unless you join the Arkane Outsiders, which you can still do to receive the “Eternalist Colt” outfit and “Ever After” unique weapon in-game!

In addition, accessibility options now allow players across the spectrum to engage with the game more easily. Gameplay settings are now customizable and allow players to increase or decrease combat difficulty, reprise number, and game speed. The HUD and UI now offer ways to customize their look and location. Lastly, there is a lot more flexibility in menu navigation and literally tons of gameplay accessibility options.

Check out the full patch notes on the Deathloop official site.

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