Deathwing is ready to burn in Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard Entertainment is paving the way for next week’s Blizzcon celebration with a big announcement today. The Heroes of the Storm team took to the airwaves today to introduce the next character coming to the Nexus. No less a character than World of Warcraft’s Deathwing is making his way into HotS and we’ve got the trailer to prove it.

“You’ve felt the tremors of his approach; now prepare for the unmaking of your world as Deathwing descends upon the Nexus. Not content to lay waste to World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, The Worldbreaker has set his sights on the realms of the Nexus to spread his reign of death and destruction. The Hour of Twilight falls, mortals. Bow before The Destroyer, or burn beneath the shadow of his wings!”

Neltharion was once a Dragon Aspect, the Earthwarder, charged with the protection of Azeroth in WoW. However, he became corrupted by the Old Gods and became Deathwing, the terror of the skies that had to be brought to heel by adventurers.

In the video above, Deathwing is shown in a large dragon form reminiscent of Alexstrasza’s periodic dragon form. She also was a Dragon Aspect, the Aspect of Life.

The HotS team is currently on Twitch in a first look event that you can check out here.

Learn more on the Heroes of the Storm official site.

About Deathwing in Heroes of the Storm

The World Breaker has come to the Nexus and Heroes of the Storm will never be the same! Deathwing, The Destroyer, is the latest genre-defying Hero to enter the fray with a unique playstyle befitting such an iconic Hero. In fact, Deathwing is so powerful he has two forms each with new abilities that will allow you to embrace the Aspect of Death fantasy and rain molten destruction across the battlefield!

Permanently Unstoppable and covered by reinforced armor plates, the Unmaker of Worlds looks down upon all living things—including his own team. To balance his immense power, Deathwing sports one great weakness: he cannot be targeted or healed by his allies. Those who are daring enough to try Deathwing will have to utilize their own cunning and be strategic in how they choose to wield his incredible strength!

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