Decide Who Lives and Dies in The Vigilante Diaries from Out of the Blue Games

Decide Who Lives and Dies in The Vigilante Diaries from Out of the Blue Games

Out of the Blue Games has announced the release of The Vigilante Diaries for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. In this interactive, narrative RPG, players determine who will live and die in a world set in the mid-80s USA. As both judge and jury, players will mete out justice “in his own way” and according to the dictates of the player’s conscience. Players will be able to start playing in Summer 2024.

Today’s announcement comes with an all-new trailer that showcases gameplay features and the interactivity that the game offers players.

Features include

  • A Lifetime of Crimefighting: Throughout the Vigilante’s Journal, you will be faced with choices in a raw account of the struggles, hardships and pivotal moments of a working-class man that shaped their path until becoming a masked vigilante, and the events that took place after. You can customize your alter ego’s name, your appearance, and even set your red lines as a crime fighter.
  • Not a Game About Heroes
  • The Vigilante’s Hideout: As the Vigilante, you will be monitoring police radio calls, listening to TV news, and even solving complex riddles sent by a serial killer. In specific moments, you’ll have to search for pieces of information displayed in the hideout, which will be essential to correctly deduct how to act in some situations in the Journal and to make the right choice.
  • The City is Afraid of You

According to press information, the first game is part of the “anthology An Out of the Blue Story,” a forthcoming series of narrative games that put players in the shoes of characters throughout history.

Check out the official site for The Vigilante Diaries to learn more.

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