Deck Of Ashes Update Plays A Sly Hand

Deck Of Ashes

A new adventurer has arrived in Deck of Ashes. available now, you can take on the madness that is Sly, The Black Serpent.

After its initial PC launch in April, Deck of Ashes has only taken a few months to get a brand new hero on deck. The first major new character to this title introduces Sly, an individual that comes with some haunting issues. This new addition is vengeance incarnate and looks set to shake things up in a range of interesting ways. After turning to the evil side of life after his wife was unjustly tried and executed for the crimes of rich and powerful individuals, he became even more deadly after the Ash Curse.

Way Of The Snake

Upon striking the land, the Ash Curse turned Sly into a living shade, a walking menace that is filled with dark magic. This allows Sly to strike from the shadows with blinding speed and lightning reflexes. Players looking to try out Sly will find a range of new abilities, including:

  • Let them Bleed: Sly delivers a vicious series of blows, causing his targets to bleed out more quickly than normal
  • Way of the Snake: Poison and stun your enemies before finishing them off — every infamous villain requires an impressive finale!
  •  Ace in the Hole: Generate additional cards during combat to outlast even the strongest opponents

You can play through Sly’s story in this procedurally generated RPG right now for free. If you’ve never heard of Deck of Shades then you can check out the game over on the official Steam Store where it is 15% off right now. There you’ll find a game that mixes deck building, RPG systems, and a turn-based combat system that has hints of games like Slay the Spire to it. For now, I’m going to try to see if I can just see if I go master these shady characters new abilities.

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