DEEEER Simulator Brings DEEERstruction to Early Access

If you thought that Geese are the epitaph of asshats then you better get ready as DEEER Simulator enters Early Access on Steam.

Oh DEEEER. It looks like the wildlife is rebelling. If you are a fan of goosing around, silly physics, and general animal debauchery then DEEER Simulator, a slow -life town destruction game has just come crashing into Steam Early Access. This new take on the animal life simulator comes from indie studio Naspapa Games and publisher Playsim, and it is exactly as incredible as you might expect.


Playing the role of a cute forest-dwelling quadruped, DEEEER Simulator allows players to frolic in the forest and graze across the green savannahs. Alternatively, you can trot into town and rampage across civilization, slowly destroying everything that the titular deer comes across. While the game includes some silly goat style physics the creators of this genetic monstrosity have added a few twists to the works. This particular protagonist is surprisingly well-armed for an animal and players testing out early access might find guns, a surprisingly large array of guns, a mailable body that can stretch and the option to append other animals to your antlers. We’ve already seen players use cows as jetpacks, swing the Deer around like a toy, and ride a dragon, despite the fact that the game isn’t even finished yet. Come release, players can expect vehicles, more guns, an appearance from I Am Bread’s Bread, extra locations, and more guns. These are just some of the ridiculous options available as you run around slowly causing the town to fall apart around you.

DEEER SImulator is due to go live later this year but it is available right now on PC via Steam Early Access. Head over to the  Steam Store for a 10% discount on this title, until 27 January.



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