Deep Ones Splashes onto All Consoles April 11th

Have you been missing some deep diving, retro arcade platforming action? Deep Ones developed by Burpi Games puts you in the seat of Diver, a submariner that crashed to the depth of the ocean and must battle his way through all manner of oceanic monsters to regain control of his submarine and leave the fathom that would otherwise be his tomb. On the way to freedom, Diver will encounter many different friends and foes while traversing beautiful yet treacherous underwater terrains.

Through the pixelated inspiration of the ZX Spectrum, and following other influences such as Bioshock and H.P. Lovecraft, Deep Ones delves into a philosophical storyline melded with classic gameplay that plans to include several different genres, including a shoot’em up style level.  Deep Ones is available on Steam now for 2.99, with its rhythmic synth soundtrack available for just a dollar more.

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Steven Weber is a writer, he also loves to game. He produces several streams, all of dubious fame. If you’ve ever wondered, “How does he spend his time?” It’s spent writing this biography and trying to make it rhyme.

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