Deliver Us The Moon Touches Down With Console Trailer

Deliver Us The Moon just arrived with a brand new trailer for this sci-fi mystery, ahead of its console debut.

Already available on PC, the console launch will bring this cosmic mystery to Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Switch shortly. In anticipation of the final blast off, Wired Productions has released a new trailer that ought to keep fans of narrative puzzle mysteries in anticipation. The new trailer takes a snippet of the events that lead up to this adventure and give players a glimpse of the near future. While the Earth rotates in obscurity, two scientists are engaged in a conversation.

What begins as a casual conversation between two crew members onboard the orbiting Pearson Space Station, rapidly descends into a frantic exchange as one of the engineers experiences a series of strange readings from the lunar surface below…


The result is an Earth without any power, withering after the effect of global climate change and a desperate mission to find out what happened to the scientists up above the Earth. Developed by KeokeN Interactive, Deliver Us The Moon impressed us when it first launched on PC. The impressive graphics, inventive puzzles, and claustrophobic terror of outer space made for a very compelling title.

Now, console players will be able to check out the new version of the game on 24 April when it hits these new platforms. Console astroneers have had a wait after this port was initially delayed, but the release should include the latest DLC and updates. This is likely to include  If you would like to get more information on Deliver Us The Moon then head over to the official Wired Productions website to get more details or take a glimpse at the Deliver Us The Moon console trailer above for a taste of what is about to touch down.


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