Democracy 4 Launches into Early Access

Positech Games has announced that Democracy 4 has officially launched into Steam Early Access. Political neophytes and savvy experts can now head over to purchase a copy of the game for $26.99.

During D4, players will have a chance to explore a variety of governments including those of the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and France. These are the core nations represented in early access with more coming as the game nears release. Players take on the role of a country’s leader and are charged with “picking up where the last leader left off” and enacting your party’s policies and more. The goal is to appeal to the populace and to push forward the party agenda with the somewhat distant goal of reelection in mind.

Positech Games believes that Early Access is an ideal space for D4 to grow, with feedback on new countries’ governments being integral to their development and accuracy. As of now, the game offers a fully playable look into 5 governments, but tweaking to ideally represent each countries political makeup will continue through the Early Access period. On top of this, players can also vote within the game on where they believe development resources should be allocated, just like a solid democracy!

Check out the Democracy 4 Steam page to learn more details.

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