Demolish Games Announces World War II: Underground

Demolish Games has announced World War II: Underground, a forthcoming stealth game set in occupied Europe during the war. The plan is to release the game for PC first with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch versions planned further down the road.

The dev team has revealed that the missions players will participate in are inspired by real resistance operations during the occupation by Nazi Germany. The single-player experience will see players taking on the role of a partisan who carries out missions aimed at destroying the occupying forces. The team plans to create a variety of gameplay opportunities that will ‘comprehensively capture the specifics of partisan operations against the Nazis from 1939-1945’. Each mission will feature a unique way to prepare, plan, and complete.

“The operations of the resistance movement will be inspired by real missions that were carried out in Poland, Greece, the former Yugoslavia, France, Norway, and other countries. We also place great emphasis on taking into account the realities of the occupation and how the actions of the resistance movement translated into the lives of civilians. It must be remembered that Nazi Germany applied collective responsibility and, for example, in occupied Poland, dozens or even hundreds of innocent people were often murdered in retaliation for partisan attacks” – said Paweł Dywelski, CEO at Demolish Games S.A.

Learn more about World War II: Underground by checking out the introductory video and then heading to the Steam page.

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