Desperados III Gets A Bounty Mode

Desperados III, the spaghetti western adventure from Honig Studios and HandyGames, just got a new Bounty Mode.

Available now across Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC Desperados III is a trip to the old frontier that might not pair with your immediate expectations. A top down stealth adventure, action in Desperados III won’t always find you as the fastest gun in the west, but hopefully the smartest. The new Bounty Mode addition to this wild ride has just been announced and will give players preparing to strap on their holster something new to go up against. This free extra now lets gamers challenge themselves by choosing which of the five Desperados you want to play in almost every major mission*. Either you make it easier for yourself or spice the mission up a bit… or try to finish the game with Hector all over the place!

Aside from giving players a greater degree fo freedom in their journey in the badlands, Desperados III also just announced a Level Editor Light mode for anybody wanting to mix things up even more. Also described as “level Editing Cheats” the new tools allow players to create unique mission setups and share any saved games with all other desperados. Using the aforementioned level editor tools, creative types can easily clean a map and then respawn numerous NPCs wherever they like, causing the mission scenario’s across a map to drastically change as each character reacts in a different way. Whether it’s waves of the same zerg rush or just lots of dynamite, you can play your way. The team behind the new systems has uploaded a series of tutorial video, so you can get a better understanding of what’s coming too. You can check it out here.

If you haven’t already tried out Desperados III, then this prequel to the wild west series of games brings a whole new story to the mix. With a band of quirky characters, all out for their own survival in a land that will eat you alive, players must use their wits in this story-driven, hardcore tactical stealth game. You can pick up Desperados III now ver on the Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, GoG, and Steam with a 40% discount landing later today for PC players.

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