It’s official, Destiny 2 PC is Coming with PS4, XB1 on September 8th

Finally! PC fans can grind stuff too! Wait...
Destiny 2 PC - Best Weapons in Destiny 2

It’s official, Destiny 2 PC is coming in addition to the PS4 and XB1 versions on September 8th. Want to pre-order? Hit this page to get it set in stone! Like Destiny 1, players who preorder get to take part in a beta (Dates TBD). Destiny 2 is set to launch on September 8th worldwide too. Well, PC fans? Your wish is granted. Let’s make sure we support this thing so we get more MMOs again, eh?

You’ll also get to see the game in action during a special live stream event on May 18th. We’ll keep you posted on details as the time draws closer.

Destiny 2 PC is coming along with PS4, XB1 on September 8th

Destiny 2 - Rally the Troops Trailer - PC, XB1, PS4
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