Destiny 2 Players Celebrated for Charitable Giving

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The latest This Week at Bungie has been posted. As usual, it contains news about Destiny 2 including game updates, new items in the Bungie Store, information about in-game events and much more. Of particular note this week is the celebration of the game’s community during Bungie Day as well as an epic reminder that Guardians have been instrumental in supporting a number of charitable initiatives in the first half of 2020.

The most recent charity events have allowed players to help Bungie support the Boys & Girls Club to “provide essential services and meals to kids who are currently out of school” and to take part in the iPads for Kids program. The latter allows doctors around the country to provide telehealth services for patients “while saving valuable PPE equipment”.

To further champion Guardians and their generosity, Bungie put out a brand new video that gives a visual look at how their dollars are working.

This Week at Bungie also covers a number of other topics including:

  • the Pyramid ship invasion on Titan
  • the Exotic weapon quest for the Ruinous Effigy – Exotic Trace Rifle
  • new physical items added to the shop
  • the recently completed Fashion Show and Art Show to celebrate community talents
  • an extension of Bungie’s and Twitch Prime’s goodies for players
  • the latest from the Player Support Team
  • player movies

You can check out all the news about Destiny 2 by visiting the Bungie official site.

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