Destiny 2 Release Date Leaked – Set Your Phasers on PHUN!

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 seems to have a release date if you believe leaked images out of Italy. A games site has “accidentally” posted photos of posters sent to promote the game.

Spiffy…but WHEN is Destiny 2 coming?

While rumors are usually a dime a dozen, this one seems to be pretty credible. The large of the two images shows that D2 will be out on September 8th. This is likely the EU release date, with NA possibly coming out on the 5th.

The question, however, remains what platforms. The original Destiny is a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One title, which has left many PC fans in the lurch. Many are guessing that its sequel will indeed be out for PC. Should this not be the case, the backlash from both PC and PS4 players could be pretty strong. Hopefully, Bungie will see the wisdom of its community.

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