Detective Pikachu is better than Pixels. It’s Official!

Detective Pikachu

After the utter shambles of Super Mario Brothers the Movie, it’s a bit of a shock that Nintendo and Hollywood were able to get along at all. Somehow, not only did the Japanese gaming giant’s very own pet make it big this week, it did it in spectacular fashion.

Starring Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith, Detective Pikachu is an odd beast. Taking the core concept from one of Nintendo’s more oddball Pokemon titles and thrusts it onto the big screen. Lost in a city where Pokemon and humans live side by side, Reynold’s Pikachu runs into the only human that can decipher his titular Pika-chus. As this pair stumble headlong into illicit Pokemon fight cubs, mysteries, and adventure they are, I’m sure, bound to learn a few things about each other.

What seems like a recipe for disaster has somehow achieved the impossible. Detective Pikachu managed to obliterate the opening for any video game movie. After initial figures were complete, the little yellow ball of electricity and his companion raked in $103 million on its opening weekend worldwide and managed to make it fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. This is in comparison to Pixels which managed less in its total domestic run, in the US. In fact, Legendary has already slated a sequel for the little yellow detective, although we don’t have any details right now.

If we’re quick enough to catch it all then you might very well find Detective Pikachu discussed on the Gamespace Game show. Until then, you can find our thoughts on Let’s Go: Pikachu and find Detective Pikachu sleuthing up local cinemas now.


  1. Saw this with my family this weekend and it was wonderful, was worried about Ryan because of the Dead Pool rolls and the language but he was great in this movie.. Fun for the whole family..

  2. I really can’t wait to see it. Need to drag my minion to it, he’s dying to see it too.

  3. Waiting to see if we’re taking grandson or not 🤗

    • its just the most wonderful coming together of things that shouldn’t work 😀

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