Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Are Coming to Steam

The developers from Quantic Dream have announced that a trio of games from the company is coming to Steam on June 18th. Right now Steam players can check out the demo versions for Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls on the platform prior to the games’ release.

Detroit: Become Human

The latest and most ambitious of Quantic Dream’s games, Detroit: Become Human puts the destiny of androids and humans alike in your hands. Every choice you make affects the outcome of the game, creating a unique branching narrative experience. Check out the game’s Steam page to find out more or try out the demo.

Detroit 2038. Technology has evolved to a point where human-like androids are everywhere. They speak, move and behave like human beings, but they are only machines serving humans. Play three distinct androids and see a world at the brink of chaos – perhaps our future – through their eyes. Your very decisions will dramatically alter how the game’s intense, branching narrative plays out.

Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls is a unique psychological action thriller that follows the journey of Jodie Holmes who was born with a connection to a mysterious entity with incredible powers. Your actions will determine Jodie’s fate as she faces extraordinary challenges, danger, and heart-wrenching loss on a journey to discover the truth of who she is.

Create an action-packed story through your choices and actions as you live her life – a girl born with a link to a supernatural entity called Aiden. By playing as both Jodie and Aiden, you will face spectacular physical and psychological challenges to understand what truly lies… beyond. Check out the game’s Steam page to find out more or try out the demo.

Heavy Rain

Spanning four days of mystery and suspense, Heavy Rain is a gripping psychological thriller following the hunt for a murderer known only as the Origami Killer.

Four characters, each following their own leads and with their own motives, must take part in a desperate attempt to prevent the killer from claiming a new victim. You need to think fast and act even faster, as every choice and move you make can result in dramatic, game-changing consequences – and even determine who lives… and who dies. How this story ends is entirely up to you.

Check out the game’s Steam page to find out more or try out the demo.

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