Devolver Digital Direct 2020 is ON!

devolver digital direct 2020

Devolver Digital, the independent publisher behind some of the most bananas games of last year is bringing back its annual Devolver Digital Direct show for 2020.

With a number of major gaming shows taken out y the risk posed by COVID-19, it seems that a number of big publishers are making their own plans for online gaming showcases. One of the more outlandish Press Conferences to fall by the wayside is the yearly shambles that is the Devovler Digital Direct. Devolver has now confirmed that the direct to public PR stunt will go live online, although we don’t know exactly when.

In a social media update, over on the Devovler Digital twitter account, the team behind My Friend Pedro, Enter The Gungeon, Fall Guys, and Heave Ho among others made this abundantly clear last night.1

Later this year we can finally look forward to the continuing narrative, and hopefully, another return for the legendary Nina Struthers in Devolver’s now-infamous spoof of E3 press calls everywhere. Initially conceived as a last-minute joke in 2017, the anarchic production was a smash hit and continues to be one to the convention scene’s few moments of light relief. Admittedly that means flying limbs, gore, satire, and a healthy dose of dark humour but if you cant fix the game industry with gallons of fake blood then you’ve probably not been paying attention to Doom Eternal lately.

Keep an eye on Devovler Digital’s social media feeds for more up to date details on the upcoming Devovler Digital Direct 2020.

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