Devolver Digital Launches A Colony Of Clones As Ragnorium Arrives on PC

Ragnorium just launched on PC, and this interesting looking new indie adventure is set to mix traditional Sim City strategies with the oncoming doom of an AI-fueled holy war.

Best not forget about the giant defense cannons or the bandages, because the latest title from Devolver Digital is far more than a simple city builder. Flinging players out into the cold cosmos, Ragnorium aims to test your abilities when building a new home for your faction. You’ll need to survive the harsh reality of the world around you and prepare for an oncoming AI-driven holy crusade to sweep through your burgeoning civilization.

Borrowing ideas from management sims and classic RTS titles, Ragnorium is set in an alternative universe where the privatization of space exploration has led to the commoditization of clone colonists. These carbon copies can be used to build and progress your small village up into a fully developed city. While balancing the needs of these simpletons, you’ll be able to progress through the technological ages and enhance a colony’s abilities. Dispatch missions, scavenging, and even the personalities of each colonist make for an ever-changing and varied building experience.

Of course, if you don’t focus on the right things then it’s all for naught when the timer ticks down and the aforementioned AI finds you. Then it’s all lemmings to the front lines and s a battle for survival ensues. After early access, this seems to have a Mostly Positive reaction on Steam, and we’re always open to anything Devlolver Digital puts out. To check out Ragnorium, head over to the official Steam Store page with a launch discount or check out the official website now.

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