Devs of Fall Guys Tried Pitting Cheaters Against Each Other

Fall Guys Devs Share Details of the Upcoming Patch

The developers from Mediatonic have taken to Twitter to reveal more details about their anti-cheat system for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. At first, the devs weren’t banning anyone and were carefully gathering data. The team wanted to be 100% sure that the cheat detection system catches unfair players without assigning false flags.

Over time the team started lowering the threshold for cheat detection: if you passed the threshold… you were tagged as a cheater. You’d be able to finish the game you were in, then, the next time you tried to matchmake you would ONLY be able to matchmake with other cheaters.

You need 40+ players to actually populate a game. Since Cheater Island isn’t a location in real world, it has its own set of global players. Thus you’d need enough cheaters in your region in order to start a Cheater Island game. If there weren’t enough cheaters, you’d all just be falling forever.

At this point, cheaters figured out a way to escape the Cheater Island by teaming up and matchmaking with friends who aren’t cheaters.

Last week there were finally enough cheaters to actually matchmake and create Cheater Island matches!

Now the developers have closed down Cheater Island and instead made it so cheaters are unable to login.

Our cheat detection system was good… but we hadn’t expected so many players… and we had no idea the lengths that some players would go to cheat We tried to create a system around “Honesty”… but as soon as we realised we were in an ARMS RACE we called up the experts at Epic.

The next update will be introducing Epic’s anti-cheat to the game.

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