Devs Show How to Hone Your Shadow Arena Skills

Pearl Abyss has sent out a brand new video to give players a virtual leg up on how to best hone their skills enough to survive in Shadow Arena. It is the first video in a series to help players learn the best methods for each character archetype. In this episode, viewers get a look at the skills and combos for Jordine Ducas, a swordsman that is considered a well-balanced character that is suitable for both veteran and new players alike.

A future episode will include information about how players can further test their skills by playing against AI. The game’s community managers show how playing against AI can be both fun and instructional.

The game will be entering its final phase of closed beta testing next week and is planned for launch later in 2020. The next round of beta testing is slated for April 17th through April 20th. Interested players can head to the official site to sign up for potential selection. Players who previously took part in beta testing will automatically be included in this final phase.

During the next round of beta testing, players will find several new features including:

  • improved matchmaking
  • character rebalance
  • normal and AI modes
  • in-game items including “the highest grade sealed items, a matchlock, and Red Dragon Offering

Learn more about Shadow Arena by visiting its official site.

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