Diablo 3 devs vow to “explore exciting ways” to play

Diablo 3

The Diablo 3 site has been updated with a new developer diary to speak the community about ongoing support for the popular ARPG. While over seven years old, Blizzard is committed to supporting the game going forward. The diary outlines how that will happen through “Seasons and patches”.

Seasons are timed events where players begin a new character and play to level cap as they work to achieve a variety of benchmarks. Along the way, several rewards are handed out including pets, portrait frames, gear, and more.

When Season 14 debuted last year, it began a new twist on the traditional play with the introduction of Themed Seasons. This new twist was designed to “change the expected gameplay loop and create unique experiences from Season to Season”. To provide seasonal challenges, developers added new Legendary Powers, new items to chase, and tweaked some classes. According to the post, this has been well-received by the community and, as a result, the plan is to continue to support this type of gameplay. “Our crew is hard at work crafting additional Themed Seasons, a new set for each class, dozens of Legendary Powers, and some class balance changes.”

As part of this new commitment, players can expect to find each season landing on the Public Test Realm well ahead of its launch. That way, devs can collect player feedback and, most importantly, respond to it and make changes. “We’re going to do our best to call out great feedback when its given and ask that you keep it coming because inspiration comes from all places”.

Lastly, the team promises to be more communicative and clear with the community. The hope is to produce more blogs and to interact more frequently with the community.

Check out the full letter on the Diablo 3 official site.


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