Diablo 3: Season 20 & new class sets

Diablo 3 Season 20

Don’t believe the naysayers when they tell you that Diablo 3 is dead developmentally as the world waits for the arrival of Diablo 4. In a pair of new posts on the official site, we’ve learned about a trio of new class sets and about upcoming Season 20.

In patch 2.6.8, three new class sets will be added to the game, one each for Barbarian, Wizard, and Witch Doctor. Each one has been designed “primarily with boosting long-requested skills and play styles we lifted directly from community feedback,” the patch notes say. Over time, new sets will be added to each class. In the meantime, here are the three coming with 2.6.8 for both PC and console players.

Barbarian – Horde of the Ninety Savages set

  • 2-Piece Bonus: Double the effectiveness of all Shouts. Feared, Frozen or Stunned Enemies take double damage.
  • 4-Piece Bonus: Each stack of Frenzy reduces damage taken by 6%. Frenzy lasts twice as long.
  • 6-Piece Bonus: Frenzy deals 1000% increased damage per stack.

Wizard – Typhon’s Veil set

  • 2-Piece Bonus: Double the duration of Hydras and increase the number of heads on multi-headed Hydras by two.
  • 4-Piece Bonus: Damage taken is reduced by 8% for each Hydra head alive as long as there is one available. Each time you take damage, a Hydra heads dies. Heads cannot die more than once every 2 seconds
  • 6-Piece Bonus: Hydras deal 1300% increased damage for each Hydra head alive.

Witch Doctor – Mundunugu’s Regalia set

  • 2-Piece Bonus: Big Bad Voodoo now follows you and lasts twice as long.
  • 4-Piece Bonus: Gain 60% damage reduction for 30 seconds when you enter the Spirit Realm.
  • 6-Piece Bonus: Spirit Barrage deals 20000% increased damage plus an additional % equal to 5 times your Mana Regeneration/Second.

Season 20

Season 20 is bringing some new and interesting things to the game as well when it arrives on March 13th. Called the “Season of the Forbidden Archives”, the new season will be focused on the lore surrounding Kanai’s Cube. Most interesting, players will be able to equip three more Legendary powers using Kanai’s Cube. These new additions are without restriction so players will be able to fine-tune their characters even more.

Of course, every season comes with a number of “End of Journey” rewards and Season 20 is no different. Players will score the Teganze Warrior Portrait Fram, a new (and ugly) Bat pet, and those who reach Conqueror rank can earn additional stash tabs for the effort. Lastly, and as usual, players can earn a class set for completing various milestone activities along the way.

Check out the full update notes on the Diablo 3 official site.

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  1. Might return to Sanctuary just to collect these sets and crack some skulls
    Also, more Kanai Cube powers? Sign me right up!

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