Diablo 3 “Season of the Triune” to begin August 23rd

Diablo 3

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that the next Diablo 3 seasonal event will kick off on August 23rd. Building on the team’s promise to keep seasons refreshing, Season 18 is called the Season of the Triune. It brings a “heap of brand new Legendary powers” and a few crafted item revamps with it.

To understand Season 18’s theme, players and fans are required to dive into D3’s lore. The Triune was an “ancient cult forged over three millennia ago by the Prime Evils of the Burning Hells”. They masqueraded as benevolent deities disguised by the names Determination, Creation, and Love. While ultimately unsuccessful, the remnants of the cult remain. Called the “Coven,” the adherents call themselves the Coven and were most recently led by Adria and Magdha.

During Season 18, players will receive a new buff called “Power of the Triune” that occasionally spawns circles in locations throughout the game world. These provide one of three random buffs that can be pretty handy for players.

From the Diablo 3 site:

  • Triune of Love (Power): Players in the circle receive a 100% damage bonus while active
  • Triune of Determination (Resource Reduction): Players in the circle receive a 50% discount on resources spent while active
  • Triune of Creation (Cooldown Reduction): While standing in an active circle, any skills currently on cooldown come off of cooldown more quickly

According to developers, this will incentivize players moving throughout the battlefield to find these circles and be able to leverage the buffs. “We’re looking forward to seeing how players utilize these ancient powers from their first level to their final Greater Rift push.”

Of course, every Season comes with cosmetic rewards on completion and this one is no exception. Players will be able to earn some rewards that were originally released way back in Season 6. This includes the chest and gloves from the Conqueror Set as well as a portrait frame, and the All Hallow’s pennant. It appears there are no companion pets this season. Let’s just hope it’s not too much of a gamble like it would be at planet 7 casino.

Lastly, there are a ton of achievements to earn and Haedrig’s Gift for those looking to complete set armors based on class.

You can check out the full details on the Diablo 3 site.

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