Diablo Immortal Announced New Class – Tempest

The developers of mobile RPG Diablo Immortal are back with the announcement of a new class: Tempest. Initially teased during the roadmap shared in March, Tempests are agile, dual blade-wielding warriors who harness the fury of the storm. The Tempest is Diablo Immortal’s eighth player class.

These mysterious warriors arrived from the frigid mists of the north when they were needed. They crash upon their enemies with wind and waves to push pack the darkness. Will you become one of them? Or will you fight alongside them? Find your answer on May 23rd.

“Keep your eye trained on the gathering storm ahead for a deep-dive on Tempest, including an look at their unrelenting abilities and a new short story from senior narrative designer Ryan Quinn.”


  • April – June. New Paragon System, New Equipment System, New Helliquary Bosses, New Game Modes.
  • July – September. Worldstone Quest Part I, Dungeon Updates, New Co-op Mode, Accursed Towers Update.
  • October – December. Worldstone Quest Part II, New Zone, New Helliquary Bosses, and much more.

In addition to the new class, players are also in for the Cursed Solstice, Hallow’s Wake and Brumaltine. Before the year is over, the game will also go through the 2nd Anniversary. Terror Reigns in Q4 2024.

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