Diablo IV Winter Update Touches on Itemization

Diablo IV

As 2020 comes to a close, the Diablo IV team wanted to touch base one more time to let fans of the upcoming ARPG know what has most recently been in the works. In the Quarterly Update for December 2020, Game Director Luis Barriga takes time to explain the itemization system that is currently in the D4 pipeline. The post begins with acknowledgment of the importance of itemization in a game like D4.

Items are the lifeblood of Diablo. They are the element of the game that captures your imagination and keeps you playing and wondering, “What if?” after you put the game down. Whether it’s anticipating the next piece of perfectly rolled godly gear or kicking around item combinations in your head like a mad scientist, items are undoubtedly a major part of what makes Diablo so compelling and so different from other games.

The post goes into great detail across a number of topics related to itemization including:

  • Skill Trees
  • Primary Stats
  • Weapon Types
  • Item Qualities
  • Legendary Affixes
  • Uniques

With the addition of the skills and passives tree, primary stat points, and changes to items in Diablo IV, we can’t wait to see all the builds you’ll create. Maybe you’ll focus on skills augmented by Uniques we designed, create something from scratch out of different legendary affixes, discover a creative pairing of primary stats with specific skills, or even incorporate the odd Rare or Magic item to maximize a specific affix to great effect.

Head straight over to the Diablo IV official site to read all of the details.

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