DICE Offers Internship to Study Battlefield Toxicity

Toxicity Battlefield Dice

DICE’s job board has been updated with an interesting position. The site lists a Master Thesis internship on toxicity in Battlefield. Here’s the full text of the position from the site:

We want everyone to have fun playing Battlefield and participating in its community. Occasionally some players will behave… less than great though. This projects aim is to give engineers and producers a deeper insight into our players’ behaviour on the Battlefield to help deliver a better experience for everyone.

Investigations include:

  • What type of disruptive behavior do we see in Battlefield today?
  • What drives or triggers people to disrupt other players games?
  • How can we prevent disruptive behavior in our titles and community?
  • What are some experiments we could conduct to measure benefits of punishing bad or rewarding good behavior?

An objective thinker with a passion for games is preferred. This Master Thesis internship is a non-paid temporary position located in our Stockholm, Sweden office. The Master Thesis needs to be associated with a Swedish University education or any other type of education that has a Master Thesis or internship period planned into the curriculum, in an area of study in human behavior such as psychology, medicine etc. Please apply online with a CV and Cover letter in English.

It is an interesting approach to what has become a persistent problem in many online-based titles. Perhaps additional researches into the nature of toxicity will help the gaming community to figure out how to battle this problem.

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