Did Nintendo Apologise For Joycon Drift?

broken joycon drift

It looks like Nintendo might have apologised to consumers for ongoing issues with failing Joycon controllers.

Anybody who owns a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite will be familiar with Joycon Drift. Even if you haven’t experienced it yourself, many of us ait in dread of that moment when your beloved Nintendo console starts to find the on screen view drifting of its own accord. Now, it looks like Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has made an outright apology during a recent financial question and answer session.

“We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers regarding Joy-Con,” stated the Nintendo lead. It is notable, however, that he stopped short of offering anything more than an apology for the inconvenience. In what seems to be a very carefully selected statement, Furukawa noted that he could not comment on anything more specific due to the ongoing class action cases n the US.

Back in July 2019, Nintendo customers in the USA filed a class action lawsuit over the potential manufacturing issue causing Nintendo’s bespoke Joycon controllers to deviate after use. While this is ongoing, Nintendo has offered some free repairs to consumers impacted by this issue but even newer Nintendo Switch Lite consoles are still part of this ongoing court case. If nothing else, the words from the Nintendo head are an acceptance that the company can do better and Furukawa stated that they will continue to improve their products and “We will do our best to ensure that our customers can use our services and products with peace of mind.” You can check out the full translation of the Joycon Drift apology over at Kotaku and keep an eye on the new games out each week on your Nintendo Switch, here at Gamesapce.


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