Dino Squad Launches Escapes Onto Mobile Today

dino squad

Dinosaurs and PvP come together in a monstrous clash as Dino Squad launches on mobile today.

If you’re looking for something a step away from the cute chibi style and anime art of many mobile fighters the Dio Squad is looking for players as it arrives on iOS and Android today. The new mobile title from Moscow developer Pixonic is an unusual mix of themes that you probably won’t find on many other mobile games. Taking place in a land that time has forgotten, this ferocious 3D battler allows gamers to capture and arm their very own prehistoric pet, then send it off into battle. Featuring a range of the ancient beasts and PvP combat, Dino Squad offers 17 ferocious dinosaurs in three weight categories, each with different playstyles, perks, and weapons. Wreak havoc from below with the agile velociraptor, or throw some weight around with the mighty T-Rex!

Big Bad Birds

While bigger might seem better, as you traverse six distinct prehistoric landscapes, it isn’t all that simple. Each of the environments contains their own hazards from overgrown grassy fields to fiery lava pits, and wild rivers that can work against any enemies you encounter. These scenarios should allow gamers to fight tactics, taking on larger opponents with speed and skill, and if that doesn’t work just add a rail gun to your raptor.

Developer Pixonic is probably better known for its MMO War Robots, a title that takes a more futuristic approach to PvP, allowing players to get into combat with mechs on their mobile. While it might not quite be as overkill as Override: Mech City Brawl, the team at Pixonic is ready for you to jump back in time and swap metal mechs for laser-powered attack raptors. It seems like a plan to me. If you want to check out this title, grab it for free over at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store now.


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