DiRT 5 – Career Mode Detailed

DiRT 5

The developers from Codemasters have shared a new round of information for the upcoming off-road racing sim DiRT 5. The blog post goes in detail about the Career Mode: story, sponsors and more.

The Career is split into five chapters to cover the key moments of the story, each offering multiple paths for the player to take. It is up to you to choose which events you want to participate in throughout the chapter – or maybe all of them, bringing the total number to over 130 vents across nine different race types, featuring every location in DIRT 5.

Complete races to open new events in the chapter; the higher you place, the more Stamps you will earn. A certain amount of Stamps are needed to unlock the Main Event of each chapter, so the better you perform, the quicker you can progress. Main Events are the conclusion of each chapter and a tougher test for the player. Finish third or above to move onto the next chapter.

Completing certain objectives will unlock secret Throwdowns, where you go one-on-one with a fierce challenger in epic events.

DIRT 5 launches from October for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam, and for Google Stadia in early 2021.

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