Disco Elysium Is Coming To Consoles

disco elysium

Disco Elysium, the super stylish detective RPG from ZA/UM, is going to make its way onto Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles during 2020.

Widely accepted to be one of the most ambitious RPG projects of the year, this indie open-world investigation launched on PC on 15 October and scored a stunning wave of positive reviews. Players taking on this beat have an entire city block to carve out their detective story and an almost unprecedented level of freedom to explore. Now console players will have that experience after Robert Kurvitz, designer and writer, confirmed the port is coming during a discussion with USGamer.

“we are going to port the game to consoles so you can play on your PlayStation and Xbox. So, you know, that’s my message to you guys for 2020.”

What makes Disco Elysium so interesting is the unparalleled level of freedom that the title provides to players. The central character in this role playing game can interact with non-player characters intimidating, coercing, helping, or singing to see their way through to the truth. While they’re not busy with the local karaoke bars players can utilize a huge catalog of customization tools.

A unique skill system provides the game’s protagonist with 24 distinct skills, 14 different tools, and 80 different clothing items. Individual looks are just as important as how you use a flashlight or gun. The game even offers up 60 unusual trains of thoughts form the detective’s own thought cabinet and a delicious range or 6 psychoactive substances. With a massive range of player variation, it’s no surprise that the world of Disco Elysium offers up the chance to become an upstanding hero of your city block or a disgusting human being. It’s your choice and now console owners will have that option.

Disco Elysium is already out for PC via GOG and Steam. You can keep it here for more information on the console port when it arrives or head over to the official website for more on this awesome isometric adventure.

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