Discover Unexplored with a new Developer Walk-through

Unexplored describes itself as an accessible yet challenging action RPG. Its rouge-lite dungeons are a hive of danger, full of nefarious traps and cursed riches. While it might look like a relatively simple affair, this belies the intricacy and depth in this cult hit. To celebrate the game’s twelfth major content update, Joris Dormans, Lead Developer for the game, demonstrates just how unforgiving Unexplored’s new AI can be in a new developer walk-through.

In The Round

Showcasing the first live implementation of Ludomotion’s Cyclic Dungeon Generation, Unexplored creates an engaging experience by dispatching linear paths and creating a cycle consisting of two paths that connect to the entrance portal. If this seems confusing you can find a more informed explanation here. In addition to the game’s unique procedural systems, Joris showcases the risk reward mechanics and strategic decisions that are integral to Unexplored. Keen eyes will also spot the Labyrinthine Library, part of the latest content patch and one of the special new floors available to explore.

However, Jorn’s  trip into these catacombs ends all too quickly and messily. Long before we can see much of Unexplored’s new updates. If you are eager to find out more about the updated AI or reach the Labyrinthine  Library, you can to head over to the Steam sale and find out for yourself.

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