Discovery Beams Into Star Trek Fleet Command

Discovery Beams Into Star Trek Fleet Command

As Star Trek Day warps out of our lives, we just got the news that Star Trek Discovery is beaming into Star Trek Fleet Command

Star Trek Fleet Command, the mobile strategy game based on the Star Trek universe, is now set to explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate across a brand new timeline. Anybody picking up this on the go universe will be able to experience a brand new Discovery Arc in the mobile title. The new Star Trek Discovery content will introduce a range of themes and additions coming straight out of the recent CBS series.

These new additions to Star Trek Fleet Command also include the iconic USS Discovery, the fastest ship in the galaxy. Making use of the mycelium network, the Discovery can cut its way through time and space at an unrelenting pace giving it a step up on other, more heavily armed, ships. With a new ship, you’ll also be able to pick up new crew members. The Discovery Arc adds Discovery officers, including Michael Burnham and Commander Saru. Alongside the themed adds, players can pick up a new Battle Pass, which gives players the chance to unlock vital resources and new content while they take on a series of Anomaly Events that seem set to deposit hostile enemies upon this on the go galaxy.

This isn’t the only update to Star Trek games we’ve seen recently. Lower Decks featured in Star Trek Online just this August. While Star Trek Fleet Command might not be quite as expensive as it’s desktop counterparts, there’s no doubt t is hugely popular. This 4x strategy sci-fi title has seen more than 5.8B battles already. If you want to jump into the captain’s chair then you can check out Star Trek Fleet command as the Discovery Arc beams in now, on iOS and Android.

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