Disney Dreamlight Valley Details A Rift in Time Expansion Now Available on Steam

Disney Dreamlight Valley Details A Rift in Time Expansion

Gameloft developers have updated the Disney Dreamlight Valley Steam page with a comprehensive peek at A Rift in Time. This paid expansion to the base game brings players a host of new content, new companions, and much more. The expansion launched earlier this week for PC via Steam.

While the Valley is no stranger to Night Thorns, villains, or peculiar potatoes, it looks like there’s a disturbance in town. This time, though, it’s in the form of Time Anomalies and… a hologram of Jafar?! You’ll start your new Quest in this expansion with an investigation in the Plaza, where you’ll receive an invitation to visit Eternity Isle. It looks like Jafar’s been cooking up his own brand of trouble while you’ve been dealing with the Forgetting. Though the Isle may seem far away, the Dream Castle has been hiding the secret to getting there all this time. Have a chat with Merlin to uncover a magical new area that will grant you access to this land that’s been lost to time.

New content in A Rift in Time

  • Three new biomes, each with unique flora and fauna
    • Ancient’s Landing – A port town for an ancient civilization now in ruins. Players will bring it back to life by rebuilding its marketplace and even moving Villager’s homes there.
    • Glittering Dunes – A desert location that used to be part of a larger zone split in two by Jafar’s experiments.
    • The Wild Tangle – The other half of the larger zone that split apart thanks to Jafar
  • The magical toolbox is getting an upgrade with the Royal Hourglass. This Tool empowers players with a new form of magic to help overcome obstacles, hunt treasure, and craft new object.
  • New crafting recipes and items include quest items, ancient machines, and more.
  • New friends including EVE, Rapunzel, and Gaston. More will be coming in 2024.
  • Scramblecoin – A game to play with Villagers

Check out the Disney Dreamlight Valley Steam page for all the details and lots of screens.

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