DJMAX Respect V Officially launch In March

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DJMAX Respect V, a rhythm game that entered Early Access on PC this year, will get a full launch on 12 March.

After publisher Neowiz brought this long standing musical adventure tp PC Early Access in January 2020, it didn’t take long for this title to confirm a launch date. We now know that PC players can tap along with the full launch in just over a week and that isn’t all the news. The game will get a host of updates when it takes to the stage for real. The PC launch of this title will add a new Missions system and Steam Achievements. The newest title in the series will even bring players together with 1v1 online ladder matches and will support up to 7 players in online competition.

PC Play

Originally available exclusively on Playstation 4 and developed by Rocky Studio, this musical quest is the culmination of every other DJMAX release. It bundles together the base game alongside an exceptional number of songs to play: 161 in total with an original opening song and 9 newly licensed tracks exclusive to DJMAX RESPECT V. After full launch, at least 20 more new songs will be released as DLC.

“We’re incredibly excited to officially launch DJMAX Respect V,” says Ji Soo Moon, CEO of NEOWIZ. “The feedback during Early Access has been immensely helpful in crafting the best possible game for our PC fans, and we can’t wait to see everyone tackle our new Missions and competitive play modes.”

Gamer’s who haven’t had the opportunity to press play on the DJMAX franchise yet can check out the trailer, above, to get a glimpse of the mechanics behind this title or head over to our hands on from January. Suffice to say the PC release of DJMAX Respect V looks to be a high tempo addition to the series that you might want to check out, on the official website, if you don’t mind showing up your friend’s lack of rhythm.


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