DJMAX Respect V Strikes Up Two New DLC

DJMAX Respect the music-driven game from Neowiz has just pressed play on two new DLC.

PC rhythm game DJMax Respect has dropped the beat on a couple of extra additions with two new DLC now available for the musical challenge. Titled, Trilogy and Groovecoaster, the extra DLC dropped late yesterday and are now available for PC players via Steam. Each of the new releases comes with 10 new tracks and were previously only available to players of the PlayStation4 versions of DJMAX Respect V. The two new add ons brings the total number of tracks available in DJMax Respect to over 200 since the game initially launched back in March 2020. It also increases the number of UI skins with a new look added to each of the DLCs currently available. With a range of electronica, synth-wave, pop, and other genres available there’s probably something in the smorgasbord of tracks that you’ll enjoy hammering your keyboard to.

More New Beats

Developed by Rocky Studio, DJMAX Respect V is a PC release of the hit Playstation 4 music game and an amalgamation of every previous DJMAX release on record. The base game is 161 thumping tracks of rhythm endurance where gamers tap their way through a whole range of songs as they scroll down the screen. As well as recognizable acts from across the internet, DJMAX also includes nine exclusively licensed tracks with more still to come.

The new additions to DJMAX Respect are already available on Steam for $12.74 – 15% off for a week. In addition, a 45-track remastered soundtrack for Trilogy is now available, and a bundle that includes all three new DLC is also available with a 15% discount. If the special offer still doesn’t quite have you hooked on this then check out our DJMAX Respect V review, which or sit back and listen to the DJMAX Respect V GrooveCoaster DLC trailer above.


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