Nier Automata “3C3C1D119440927” DLC Will Add New Costumes and Colosseum Location

Nier Automata DLC

During “One Million Shipments Commemoration” Square Enix announced first DLC action-RPG Nier Automata. Coming out soon for PS4 under interesting name “3C3C1D119440927“, the update will add new costumes for their favourite droids.

The DLC sounds almost too good to be true… what’s the catch?

The caveat is that unlocking these costumes is no easy task. Players will have to complete a series of challenges presented in the form of colosseum battles. The costumes are the final reward for completing each challenge set in the three different colosseums located across the world.

Additionally, the update will bring even more challenges and rewards with it.

  • New gear and cosmetics, like hairsprays which will let you alter characters’ hair color
  • Masks with unique effects
  • Special music tracks for players’ jukebox
  • And more!

The update will release on May 2nd in Japan. There is currently no information on other releases except “coming soon”.

Check out the videos below!

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